Christian Éthier

Assistant Professor​​
Principal Investigator
My research aims at exploring the potential of neuroelectronic interfaces to induce and guide activity-dependent neural plasticity. The goal is to develop effective approaches to promote beneficial neural reorganization following neurological injuries, and improve sensorimotor recovery.

Maxime Demers

Research Professional
I am working with both Dr. Christian Éthier and Dr. Martin Deschênes, helping with every aspects of rodent neurophysiology experiments. I manage lab space and inventory, perform experiments involving chronic implants, lesions and iontophoretic injections. I love coding and building gadgets for behavioral experiments!

Maxime Huot-Lavoie

MSc Student
My background in kinesiology showed me the importance of neuroscience in the treatment of multiple pathologies. I am interested in neuronal plasticity and in the development of therapeutic methods to improve the quality of life of people with traumatic injury. My research focuses on the interaction between pain and neuroplasticity.

Michaël Elbaz

PhD Student
My main goal in studying neurosciences is to bridge the gap between cellular activity and cognitive abilities! In the meantime, I investigate the rat's sensorimotor system through behavioral, anatomical and electrophysiological observations.

Saravanan Subramaniam

Postdoctoral Fellow

Windsor Kwan-Chun Ting

PhD Student
My research focuses on using paired associative stimulation (PAS) in animal models to further understand neural plasticity in the nervous system, and use leading techniques such as optogenetics and brain-machine neuroprostheses to potentially restore function after nervous system insult, an important goal for millions of people around the globe. 


Cassandre Morel
Marie Tripoli
Gabrielle Lahaye